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Listeners earns you money when you listen and provide your expertise to others

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  • Connect, on your schedule
  • You set your rate and earn
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Your Expertise, Found Here

Your time is valuable, and so is your expertise. Others want to learn what you know, and are willing to pay for that experience.

On Your Schedule

Make yourself available at a time convenient for you. Users will reserve all or parts of your available time slots.

Earn Money

You control the per-minute rate that you set for your time. The money adds up, and you get paid each month.

Talk About Anything

You can add any topic that you want to your profile, but some people just want you to listen when they need to talk.

How it works

Step 1. Download Listeners

Step 2. Setup a Profile

Step 3. Add Open Time Slots

Step 4. Listen to Others and Get Paid

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really earn money?

Yes! As an expert, you value your time and have the freedom to set a price that is commensurate with their expertise. Rates can go as low as the equivalent of 1 cent per minute, and there is no maximum rate. When you talk with users that have reserved time with you, you earn money at the rate you set for the length of time you spend talking with the user, minus the app’s facilitation fee.

What if nobody is reserving my time slots?

There may be other Listeners with the same expertise, but offering time slots at a different time of day or at a different rate that may be more attractive to users.

How do I get paid?

Payouts occur via PayPal once per month on the 15th of the month, for the previous months earnings.

Can I also talk with experts?

Sure! You can check out the companion app to Listeners, which is called ProTalk, and is where all of your users will be searching for you.

What topics can I talk about?

Experts generally set a wide range of topics that they feel comfortable talking about from the perspective of being an expert in that topic, but some of them are also just really good at listening, and you can guide the conversation wherever you like.

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